The Internet, Intellectual Property and Data Privacy and Protection

Data privacy and data protection acts and the growing regulatory and commercial constraints on the use of information are very important issues that affect each and every company. We are able to carry out sophisticated legal analyses and provide clear legal advice on new issues in the field of privacy and information law. Acts and laws in these fields are complex and constantly changing, so the expertise of our lawyers saves you time and money.

Our experience includes, among other things, the following::

  • Legal advice to a Slovak IT company in drafting the general terms and conditions of contracts for work and marketing contracts for the development and promotion of e-commerce systems;
  • Localization and legal advice regarding software licence agreements for an international IT group;
  • Legal advice and support during contract negotiations for a Slovak company specialised in the development of mobile applications;
  • Representation and legal advice to various clients on domain name transfers and disputes arising from domain names;
  • Internal due diligence and preparation of an extensive programme of compliance with the data protection act for an international debt management company;
  • Adjustment of the general terms and conditions of loyalty card use for a service company of a major retail chain;
  • Legal advice to various clients on the sub-issues of personal data protections act, personal data collection and storage, registration of information systems at the Office for Personal Data Protection, etc..