Competition Law

Antitrust law not only provides entrepreneurs with tools of protection against the abuse of power by dominant players, but it also limits the contractual freedom of parties to the agreements which may restrict the competition on the market. Both larger and smaller companies need processes to prevent the conclusion of prohibited agreements and a reliable legal adviser in cases of inquiries or questions of an antimonopoly office.

Our experience includes:

  • a legal analysis of a possible dominant position of a Slovak transport company on the advertising market;
  • representation of a Polish manufacturer of cosmetics in one of the first antitrust settlement in Slovakia;
  • an in-depth analysis of company business relations, preparation and implementation of an extensive law compliance programme, while putting emphasis on the issues of abuse of a dominant position for a Slovak manufacturer of building materials;
  • representation of a manufacturer of building materials in the dawn raid of an antimonopoly office in Slovak subsidiaries;
  • legal advice regarding the notification obligation and the preparation of notifications of concentration in the upcoming transactions of Slovak and foreign entities.