Litigation Law

Our law firm fully assists its clients in both their trade disputes and the debt management and recovery. We learnt from experience that the debt recoverability is decreasing with time, and therefore we help our clients establish a process for debt management. After taking over any case we immediately and actively deal with it, while contacting a debtor and communicate with the competent court in order to speed up the whole procedure. In the event of the debtor’s insolvency, we represent our clients throughout the course of the insolvency proceedings.

We can deal with and cover your needs during litigations and support you in enforcing your rights in order to achieve for you as favourable result as possible in contentious proceedings. In providing legal services, we emphasise giving the advice in a way that helps protect our clients from a potential litigation. We believe that early and continuous prevention is in all respects more effective than many times lengthy and costly litigations.